“The jewelry we design today will be your family heirloom of tomorrow” – No quote better exemplifies Kirk Ozsemerciyan’s commitment in assisting his customers with all of their jewelry design needs. For more than a decade, Kirk has helped his clients through the creative process of taking their dream jewelry from idea to vision to reality.

Kirk’s American owned company, Creative 3design, is conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles at the heart of the Jewelry District. So come on down and tell Kirk your idea for an engagement ring or show him the design for a custom necklace that you sketched on a piece of paper. Right then and there, Kirk will take your two dimensional designs and convert them into a three dimensional Model on the computer screen for you to review and personalize. When you are satisfied that the image on the screen is more exquisite than the vision in your head ever was Kirk will use his 3D Wax Printing Service conveniently located right there on the premises, to produce a smooth surface wax model of your Jewelry. This wax model can be taken to a caster and used to create a piece of jewelry that reflects your individual taste and lifestyle.

If you believe prompt and personable service, fine quality products and competitive prices, we believe Creative 3Design will be your connection for your custom jewelry needs. We thank you for visiting us and look forward a mutually satisfying business relationship.


Kirk Ozsemerciyan

Creative 3Design


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